Sunday Brunch

     A wonderful morning on Dragonfly Hill, our friends Connie and Glen joined us for brunch.   We shared belly laughs, fish bait stories and arthroscopic views of the knee.  Many thanks for the lovely book "Across the Porch From God" by Flavia.  This book will be a permanent addition to my night stand, inspirational, touching, and thought provoking.   This is the poem at the beginning of the book:

If I could sit across the porch from God,
I'd thank Him for the glory of the morning, and for starry skies.
I'd thank Him for the magic of a
child's soft smile, for memories, and
for this wonderful feeling we call
love.  I'd thank Him for the hopes 
and dreams of this sweet life, but
most of all, I'd thank Him for 
lending me you.

    Our days are planned for us, some of us just don't know it.  There are people you are supposed to encounter, moments you were meant to be a part of, snippets of wonder that are there for you to be a witness to.  All we need to do is be waiting and open.


  1. Lovely post Anna. Sounds like a great book....enjoyed the poem!

  2. Thanks alot, Connie and Glen bring magic wherever they go. I am really loving this book.
    Hope you had a great weekend !

  3. You are a wonderful writer, my dear. Connie and I sat and enjoyed your posts this morning. Thanks so much for the Sunday brunch. Gourmet! A woman of many talents. See you soon...


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