Family Reunion

The annual Muzerolle and DeRaps family reunion was a great success.  It was an opportunity  to see family that I so seldom have the chance to visit with.  

Peter and Charlotte our hosts for the day.

These are Peter's parents, Arthur and Bunny Muzerolle.  They have gone on before us but are remembered with much love and fondness.  My aunt Bunny's maiden name was DeRaps.

Peter with his son and his grandson, all three share that gene for music making.

This is my aunt Bunny's brother Ernest DeRaps and his wife Pauline (Polly ).  Ernest is US Coast Guard Retired and he once manned the Monhegan Island Lighthouse with his wife and family.

My dear sweet Daddy Pete Muzerolle and his wife Dot.  Looks pretty good for a man that had a stroke two weeks ago !!  Go Pete !

There was music and food, this is a lovely rendition of Amazing Grace.   That is Ernest and Polly's son Tom, on the guitar.

We also raised $ 300 for the Richmond Food Bank,  thanks to the auction conducted by Peter and Tom. Many priceless heirlooms went for rock bottom prices.

Yes ! thats a fancy shmancy, citified doggy pooper scooper you see there, I believe it sold for $ 5 ! 
Thank you Peter and Charlotte, thanks Bunny and Muzzy the memories were thick and the laughter plentiful.  I will close with one of my cousin Peter's tidbits of wisdom.  

"Many a true word, has passed through false teeth"


  1. What wonderful photos and commentary, Anna! I didn't realize your father had a stroke. So sorry! He looks alert and relatively strong, so I hope he continues to recover well.

    I love the idea of a family auction -- what a hoot!
    Sending a hug from down south here in Massachusets. xo

  2. Thanks Mary Ann !! I too loved the original idea of passing each others "bric a brac " along for a good cause. My cousin Peter is a wonderfully giving and thoughtful man, I am very eager to pull some "treasures" out of my closets and basement for next year.
    Cheers !
    PS my Dad is doing well thank you for the love !!!


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