Piazza del Anna Maria Island

Finding ones way in a new community is the key to plugging in and meeting new people.  I have enjoyed this process, taking my time, mapping out  the spaces on this island , slowly unwrapping the layers to find a new delight under each.  All the places in the world have their own vibe, their own sort of pulse, the magic begins when you find that place that meshes with what is in your soul.  For those of us that like the quirky, artsy, and eclectic things in life Anna Maria Island fits the bill and then some.  The feel of this gulf coast gem is easy, unrushed and casual, add to that a creative group of year round residents and you have a place to escape to that also has a real feeling of community.

This is one of the gems in the crown of Anna Maria Island.  Brian and I are frequent customers, the food is a huge draw, but the atmosphere is also very important.  This lovely eatery seems to be at the center of a lot of activity on the island.  I would refer to it as the Piazza del Anna Maria.

Come early during the tourist season, the line forms quickly, but also moves quickly as well.  Besides the delicious breakfast and lunch menu, Ginny's and Jane E's is also a gift shop.  Browsing here could take you much of the morning, which is what makes the shop so much fun,  the whimsical, quirky and very comical items found throughout always leave me with a happy little glow just around my heart.  I have been here repeatedly and I still find something  new each time I venture in again.

Great selection of vintage table clothes and aprons, just like Meme use to wear !

There are tables placed throughout the shop for eating or whatever!

One of the proprietors (behind the counter) and a local Maineiac  snowbird Diane Linscott.  When I asked the owner which she was Ginny or Jane E she answered....................."Bert"

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