Diamond Jubilee

God Save The Queen

As festivities continue in the UK, we here on Orr's Island are basking in the glow of a lovely Jubilee brunch.  I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a group here at Dragonfly Hill to celebrate Elizabeth the II 60 years on the throne.
Collectively our group traveled over one thousand miles to join together, that alone should be proof enough of our enthusiasm for all things British.  It is of no loss to me that each and everyone that attended has a busy life, the fact that they came with the spirit of the day, sporting hats and high fashion, means more than I can say.  

The moment everyone arrived the conversation broke out, I stood back and just watched this group devour each others company.  It was such a gift to me to see them all enjoying one another so much, and also made me mourn the fact that , at times, we all become too busy to take time for ourselves, to stop and visit, to gather wisdom and support from those around us.  I have always said woman are so good for woman, we gather power and strength from one another.

For myself, I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time and really connect with some of these woman.  You know we always say "we should get together"  well we did and I now have a better understanding of the  many different paths we are on.  I also understand that each of those paths leads to the same place..........a happy life.

This is my daughter and her best friend.  As soon as Kristina arrived these two were lost in one another.  It was so beautiful to see, they live hours away from one another now, where as they use to be only several cubicles apart.  I am very pleased to see that at this young age these two lovely woman have already discovered the power of another womans company.  Priceless..............

Thank you one and all !!!

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