Turning a half century

I knew my latest birthday would be important to me.  I had spent the last six months anticipating some exotic, exciting and life changing place to jump into my fifth decade.  It turned out that only a few days before the event, I had come up with the perfect place to begin my 50th year.
I had shared this special place with my now husband Brain over ten years ago, we had just met, we were just friends, in the end we left that island forever in love with one another.  
This is a place that holds such magic for me, a peaceful, unhurried, step back in time.  A place where I can get lost in myself and in the day like I did as a young girl.  I speak of Monhegan Island, my most special place in the world.

I arrived on a Sunday, alone, planning to be conscious of the time past and the time ahead in my life.  I hiked, took pictures, and breathed deeply that sweet Monhegan air.  I had the opportunity to spend the day almost completely silent, I only spoke when buying lunch and dinner.  The day was mine, my last day in my forties, I left the shore that morning in my forties never to return to that time.  When I next stepped foot on the mainland I would be a woman in her fifties, anticipating all that might come with that age and stage of life.  I am ready.

My husband Brian arrived on the morning ferry.  The anticipation of his arrival was such a tickle to my soul, knowing he would celebrate with me, hike by my side, and toast with me this important day.  Of course all the wonderful memories we have created on that island are some of our dearest of all.

They day was all I had hoped for, time passing with us together, no fan fare, no sounds of traffic, except for the occasional island truck on the dirt road.  We hiked the cliffs, lunched by the water, searched for perfectly smoothed round rocks, and reveled in each others company.

We shared a nap, which is customary for the afternoon on Monhegan, then readied for dinner.  We enjoyed a meal in the same dining room where we first ate together as friends.  The sunset was one of my best gifts of all.

The night would not have been as special without two of the loveliest people on the island helping it along.   Many thanks to Pam our server and Radek our maitre'd. Brian and I have had the pleasure of seeing Radek for countless summers on Monhegan, originally form Poland, he is a huge asset to the Island Inn.  This is our first summer meeting Pam, she was  bubbly and friendly and a great addition to the staff, and surprise from Ohio !!  Brian's native land.   Thank you both so much !!!

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