Commanders Palace Jazz Brunch

We have always loved New Orleans, ok,  so not our first trip to the French Quarter, you see we mistakenly began our New Orleans experience on the famous Bourbon St., BIG mistake.  For those who have never had the pleasure we found it to be a smelly, sex show watching, belly button shot doin, peeing on the sidewalk next to the pile of vomit kind of place.  As we first walked down Bourbon St we were convinced (so wrongly) that there was no redeeming value what so ever to New Orleans.  WRONG !!  We have never since that day, after all our sojourns to the Cresent City, once again stepped foot on that famous street.  Instead, in the following days we discovered the deep and delicious history that is New Orleans, the people are open and kind, the history is extensive, covering French and Spanish occupation, and the food...............well don't even get me started !

The New Orleans Jazz parade and second line.  Originating from Jazz funerals, these now celebrate weddings, engagements, and even a divorce !  We saw four of them during our trip, a bachelor party a hen party (bachalorette), and two wedding party's, the public is always welcome to join in, wave your hanky and dance, dance, dance.

During our most recent trip to New Orleans Brian and I attended a Jazz Brunch at the Commanders Palace.  Located in the beautiful garden district on the corner of Washington Ave and Coliseum St. it is only a short streetcar ride from the french quarter.

The restaurant was started by Emile Commander in 1880 and has only changed hands a few times in the entire history of its existence.  With the many awards decorating the walls of this restaurant we knew we were in for quite the experience.  Voted NOLA's #1 restaurant three years running and bragging 6 separate James Beard Foundation awards, we were not disappointed.  From the very start we were blown away by the service, the word genteel was created to describe this establishment.  As we were escorted to our seats through the rooms of an old antebellum mansion every employee we passed stepped aside politely and said "welcome in".

The service was beyond what we are use to, the food as well, southern creole fusion, incorporating all the fresh seafood the gulf had to offer.  The brunch had a very festive feel with balloons and the traveling jazz band that visited each table for a short performance.

Eggs Jean Lafitte
this is the link to the menu, have a look !

 My appetizer,  Fig and foie gras cinnamon roll, with a sunny side up quail egg and candied pecans.

Funny enough, the gentlemen playing the guitar is from Maine, he use to play at the Red Stallion in Carrabasset Valley !!  

When asked for a request we said "know any Mills Brothers ?"  and sure enough, Up a Lazy River was our gift for the day.

Real pecan pie !!!!

The day was such a treat, and we will be sure to return to this treasure of a restaurant when we are once again in New Orleans, more on that later.

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