Home again

“Oh the wild joys of living! The leaping from rock to rock ... the cool silver shock of the plunge in a pool's living waters.”
                                                                                            Robert Browning

We are home again.  There are far too many stories, anecdotes, fabulous food experiences and beautiful sights to cover in this short post.  I just want to say we are home, returned again to our cocoon of loveliness, a space in which we can walk silently in the darkness and know where each object resides, our womb of homeyness that makes us sigh deeply with relief that it is ours and we are here.

 Now after lit-er-ally eating our way through Vienna and Prague tonight we subsist on only those things that grow from the earth and not walk on the earth.   A complete veggie night (well and some grapes too, in the form of Austrian wine, that's a fruit !!)  Perhaps our systems will be washed clean of all the heavy foods we ate and thoroughly enjoyed.  All things in moderation !

Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan and olive oil

 A  creamy white bean and veggie soup

 and a salad, greens and fruits (the frisee is Brians favorite and he is welcome to it !)

Very shortly we will put on our jammies and slide into the downy fluffiness that is our favorite couch (with Hazel at our feet of course) to share each others company and look back on our latest adventure.  

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