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To all my friends from Facebook and elsewhere, hello, I have missed you and the news about your lives.   Facebook is a great venue to find old (longtime) friends and reconnect.  A wonderful way for long distance grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and yes spouses  to spend some time sharing online.  I will share with you my motivation for no longer using Facebook.   After hearing an interview on NPR with an author by the name of Eli Pariser, I had to to take a closer look at this thing called personalization.  I will not go any further except to say, educate yourself, be your own best advocate, read this book.    THE FILTER BUBBLE  by Eli Pariser, Penguin Press 2011.  PS this young man is from Lincolnville Maine.
Now for the news.........the New Dawn climber is finally blooming !  it is about two weeks late, and I believe this is due to the arctic winter we all enjoyed here in Maine.   I am hopeful this summer that I have finally mastered Delphiniums,  yes they are chest high, and blooming, not a single anemic, bent over plant among them. The bikes and the kayaks have been dusted off and we have already made our first trip to Acadia.  Just heavenly !!  The crowds had not arrived as of last week and that made for some easy traveling from place to place.  It also afforded us some private time on Jordan Pond, we were the only people on the entire pond !   It is like stepping back in time, no camps, no motor boats, just the wind, the water and the cliffs above.  Here's hoping you will all have the time to really remove yourselves from civilization for a little while this summer.  Live by the sun, eat when you are hungry, hear only what is natural to the earth.  Namaste dude !!!

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  1. Ummmm..SO HAPPY your blogging. Have MISSED you! XO


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