July 4th Weekend

      Casco Bay is so different today, the view during lunch last week included a few lobster boats here and there.  The change is stunning, dozens of sails full of wind, hardly a lobstermen in site.  Summer has truly arrived, and is very welcome here.
We have enjoyed bright sun today, a gentle sea soaked breeze, and nothing particular on the calendar, aahhhhhh.
      The David Austin roses are blooming, the scent of ancient roses, so overwhelming, I will fill the house with them.  It is nearly time to say goodbye to the glorious Peonies, this year they gave their all.  There were not any casualties due to heavy rain or winds this season and the gigantic blossoms were spectacular.  My life's clock in summer ticks now to the passing of each season's flower.

Gather ye rose buds while ye may,
     Old Time is still a -flying
and this same flower that smiles today
     Tomorrow will be dying.

                 Robert Herrick

William Shakespeare -  David Austin Rose


  1. I was at Casco Bay in June, Anna! Sure wish we'd caught up for lunch!


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