In the Zone

        Am I really 49 years old ??   Some days I can still feel that 8 year old little girl deep inside me, she is still there, and when all the right elements come together on any given day she appears.  Today was just that sort of day. 
       I arrived in  Brunswick early for a nice long bike ride, trying to beat the heat, and the traffic, 7 am seemed like the perfect hour.  Now there are certain senses that allow my 8 year old self to  appear, auditory stimuli of just the right kind and there she is, but the strongest pull of all is by far the olfactory senses.   
      My bike trip today took me from the heart of Brunswick to the end of Merepoint, and through the country side.  That little girl first emerged at the sound of the meadow birds singing that summer song, we all know that song, it is imprinted in our memories.  I felt her the strongest as I rode past  a dense pine forest and the primordial scent of balsam fir and wet earth filled my nose.  I was transported back to Litchfield Maine and my girl scout camp, Camp Cedar Cove.  Along with her appearance came those long forgotten certainties of any 8 year old..........all is right with the world....... Today, anything is possible......I can go, do or be anything I want in the whole world.   What an epiphany !  What is it in this grown up world in which we  live  that squashed those simple truths we lived everyday as children ?
Perhaps I should adopt those truths once more, and let that long ago little girl emerge more often?


  1. I was just talking tonight about certain triggers that bring you back to previous times that you've long forgotten until something sometimes very samll brings you back.. Funny how that is!

  2. Whether it is auditory, olfactory, or visual sometimes our Souls are gently nudged back to a time when Life was much simpler ... sometimes it's more than a gentle nudge, too! You've captured this so well in your posting, Anna! Thank you for sharing!


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