Acadia National Park

Brian and I had the pleasure of sharing some time in our favorite playground.  Acadia National Park.  We biked the carriage trails for hours and had the chance to paddle on Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond and Seal Harbor.  I recently finished "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rueben.  There were many suggestions to finding some happiness everyday, one of my favorites  was  that a person should try to remember what they loved to do at the age of about ten years, and chances are that if they  pursue that same activity now it will give them just as much pleasure as it did so many years ago.  When I began to look back I realized as a child I was very rarely indoors.  This is the explanation for the shear joy I obtain when I am playing in Acadia.  The day has no specific hour, my body tells me when I am hungry and when I am tired, it is the existence of a ten year old, and what a wonderful, magical, existence it is.

What a great job a National Park Ranger !!

This is a bridge on the carriage trails at the top of the Jordan Pond loop

Eagle Lake

Seal Harbor
This is one of the carriage trails there are some thirty miles of roads like this through the park, the smell of balsam is overwhelming, like a balsam fir pillow dangling under your nose.

Aren't they cute !!!

I suggest you search your pasts, and try to remember what activity as a ten year old gave you the greatest joy and do it once again !!

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