A Wedding

On the left is my nephew Gary, whom I have watched grow since the day he was born.   This past weekend this young man joined hands with Erica to tell the world they will have each others backs in the coming future.

Gary and his Mom , my dear sister Kathy

Mrs. Gary Johnson Jr.

I admit to tears.  I found the greatest tears came from watching this event through my sisters eyes.  This is a woman who has worked harder than most, asked for very little, and continues to give to others each day.  I made it through  the vows, I smiled as they danced together, but each time I looked into my sisters eyes I found myself weeping with joy for her happiness. 

 I love you Kathy.


  1. Beautiful post Anna. You are so right about Kathy. She is such an inspiring person and wonderful mother. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Erica,
    We had a wonderful time at your wedding, you guys make a lovely team !


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