Beyond Mid Summer


  I go out each evening, closely searching, after sunset.  I am gauging summer, and her decent.  This change, this maturation is subtle.  Only those that have been watching will see her changing.  I have found for over a week now that the fireflies are no more.    This is a sure sign that the glorious days that are June and July are truly over.  A dear friend commented to me yesterday that "the golden rod is blooming, summer is over !"  A good observation, but do not despair, we have September.  Those who live in Maine and are not just visitors know that some of the most wonderful summer days can occur in September.  For me, the appearance of State Fairs pulls me back to thoughts of , apples, sweaters, and colorful leaves.
   So, run out their all of you !  Right into the middle of summer and take a big bite, hold it close and keep some in your pocket to pull out and cherish when the winds blow cold this winter.

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