Vessels of Memory


    There is a special bond among long time friends.  Those people you have known since you were a child, must be counted amongst your greatest treasures.  Possessed within these lovely woman's minds are memories of me.  They hold the secrets of my past.  If I should leave this world any day soon, I can count on these woman to hold my memories after I am gone.  


   I cherish my brief moments in their company.  We all have our own lives, busy, all consuming at times.  We no longer live within a short drive of one another.  A gathering takes effort and planning each time we see one another.  I count this effort to gather as time well spent, the resulting meeting is a chance to deposit more memories in one another's minds.
      So I will hold my memories of this latest gathering tight, until we can gather once more.........
and I will have the opportunity to place more moments into these lovely Vessels of Memory.

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