Visceral Memories

I created some new playlists on my I-mac yesterday and came accross some songs I haven't heard for years.  This song in particular grabbed me by the gut, it was a physical ache, a longing to step back just for a moment to that day, that morning before school, and relive who we were.  To see my kids once again as teenagers, to give them the love I might have forgotten to give that day.     All these memories involved my two children, Lindsey and Adrian.  It was the mid nineties, and both kids were attending Waterville High School.   The kids were not allowed to have the television on in the morning before school so the music of there choice was playing.  All the memories seemed to sweep me back to who I was at this exact moment in  time.   I remember how innocent we all really were, how we really hadn't been touched by life yet, as if we were newly minted coins without a ding or scratch.  This was pre 9/11, this was pre divorce, and pre cancer.    So much has transpired since that time, we have grown up, grown older, and wiser.  

So this one is for Lindsey and Adrian

I miss our mornings on Morgan St. 

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  1. Oh Anna....the merry go round picture put a lump in my throat...also the happy smiles on the couch at Morgan St. Glen and I listened to the song without speaking...he then received "his call" to "make a run" and as he slipped out the door ...I re-read the story with it's compelling title...i love the power of the word "visceral" and then I was a good cry...very thank you,dear friend,for reminding me to cherish the sweet moments....I love you....xoxo Connie


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