A lil bit of heaven

During our many travels, Brian and I love to seek out the local sweet shops in the cities that we visit.  No not the over stocked sugar filled candy stores of old, but a shop of light, joyful, treats that could please even the darkest of souls, CUPCAKES to be exact.  Could there be a dessert more perfect than a cupcake ?  Oh the heavenly cupcake,  an abbreviated dip into the realm of cake without the commitment of two whole layers to devour.
We have found Mecca and it is in St. Armand's Circle on Lido Key Florida,
The Sarasota Cupcake Company.

The shop is a light filled cheerful space designed to only enhance the beauty of the cupcakes created in this lovely place.  Primary colors abound, reminiscent of a Ben & Jerryish feel, you will find yourself greeted on the side walk by one of the shop keepers with a tray filled with tiny sample cupcakes.  No, not crumbled up pieces of leftover cupcakes, but miniature sized cupcakes fully decorated in their own little paper cupcake liners.

I am ashamed to say that I never did get the names of these two gentlemen, I suppose it was the frosting fumes that overwhelmed me,  they were both extremely helpful, and very enthusiastic.  I will however be visiting this shop so frequently that I am sure we will become fast friends (one can only hope !)

So there you have it, the beaches here are wonderful, the sunsets on the Gulf unparalleled, the sunshine perfection, but I have truly  found perfection in a tiny shop called The Sarasota Cupcake Company.


  1. Hey Anna, this is Nate and Seth from Sarasota Cupcake Company. Thanks again for stopping by, we enjoyed meeting you! Just to let you know, your blog is being featured on Sarasota Cupcake Company's facebook page, of which you are now a follower (yeah!). Thanks again, and we are glad you enjoyed your visit.

  2. Thanks guys ! I'll see you soon , just ate my last cupcake and I am feeling weak without any backups !


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