Squeezing the juices out of life

Each day that passes here in the warmer climates convinces us both that we have made a brilliant decision. We have now been here for 11 days and it has drizzled for the first time.  At 7 am this morning the temperature was 67 F very conducive to outdoor activity.  We are able to enjoy two extra hours of daylight everyday, a boon to my perimenopausal mood.  Since our arrival I believe we have only missed one sunset on the gulf, Brian is really learning the ins and outs of his new camera.

 We enjoyed a lovely dinner with our pal Susie, her impromptu trip south was conveniently done in our geographical area, thanks for stopping in Susie !

We have found our rhythm here, a run or bike in the morning, followed by the daily picking of the backyard grapefruits.  Brian has become our master juicer, he is reveling in the joy of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice everyday.  We have yet to put the kayaks in the water, but that is not due to the lack of boat launches.

  One of our greatest joys is watching our dogs, Hazel and Josie enjoy the out of doors all day long.   We have long walks with them in the nearby preserve, they have a nice big back yard to run in, and an endless supply of tiny evasive lizards to stalk.

We send out love to those in the cooler climes and a reminder that the days are getting longer and we are slowly headed towards spring.


  1. How absolutely wonderful! I particularly love that Sue visited -- what a great photo of the two of you!

    The sunset photos are exquisite; such rich & subtle colors captured beautifully.

    I'm going to pretend that I can benefit from your sunlight & glory just by reading this. So thank you, dear Anna.

    And, I must know, did you bring any knitting? Something in cotton or silk perhaps?


  2. Hi Mary Ann !!!!
    yes ! I am doing a repeat of the famous striped baby blanket, I know that this new baby will be a boy named Cameron, my nephews first and my sisters second grandchild. Sue's visit was such a surprise, also Ann LaVerdiere lives about an hour south of here. Brian and I took a trip to Orlando on Monday and had dinner with Lori (Hawkes) Warwick, Darlene Franklin lives in Bradenton and we had lovely brunch with her and her daughter and the new grandson Mason last Sunday. Its like old home week down here. I hope your weather holds out in New England, its looks like it has been mild so far, fingers crossed for you.


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