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I found a new playground today !  Brian and I have a favorite place in all the world..........the carriage trials in Acadia National Park, absolute heaven.  Well I have just found Florida's version of Acadia's carriage trails.  

The Legacy Trail

The Legacy Trail, a rails to trails project in Florida that really is just perfect for spending the day riding and enjoying the out of doors.  Sarasota County in conjunction with federal funding for public lands began this project in 2004.  The trail has over 15 miles of paved trail that takes you through the real Florida, scrub land, swamp land, cattle ranches, a whole range of topography to take in.

 There are rest stops nearly every mile, with shade and occasionally bathroom facilities.  While you are on the trail you have access to several area parks and also the ability to go into the local towns.

 Today during the ride there were over a hundred people of all ages using the trail, people walking, inline skating, recumbent bikes and joggers.

 Well done Sarasota County !!  I believe this is my second most favorite place in all the world.

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  1. Sounds like heaven on earth! How long until you are home from Florida, dear Anna? I have a little something to put in the mail to you but don't want it hanging around your mailbox for too long. I love reading your posts and marveling at your photos. xo


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