A Titanic Event

Brian and I had the great pleasure of joining our friend Lori for her 50th birthday celebration.  Lori decided to generously treat her friends to a dinner theatre reenactment of the sinking of the Titanic.  What an amazing experience.  

On arrival the lobby looks like the pursers office and all dinner guests receive a reproduction boarding pass copied to look like the actual Titanic boarding pass.  The boarding pass includes the name of an actual passenger on the Titanic.  Its not until the very end that you find out your fate.

This was my boarding pass !  First class woohoo, and I'm an Astor yikes !

The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  This lovely lady was the true life of the party at the Captains dinner, she even gave us a song !

 Joseph Bruce Ismay  
Chairman and managing director of the White Star Line. A bit stand offish for my taste.

Captain Edward John  Smith.
Celebrating his last voyage of an illustrious career.

This dinner theatre was very well done.  They have many amazing artifacts from the actual Titanic.  The food was very good and the actors, always in character.  I was moved to tears as we were ushered from dinner to a room that was decorated to appear as though you are on the deck of the ship at night.  The temperature was very cold, a million stars  in the sky, we were told that we must don life jackets, that the ship is going down and then they separated the woman from the men.  That was the moment that really made me understand how heart breaking it all must have been, the fear had to be unbearable.  I must say I probably would have stayed on the ship with my husband, I just couldn't stand being separated from him.

Thank you Lori for an unforgettable evening.   Here's to 50 more !!!

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  1. What a wonderful gift from the birthday girl to her dear friends! Sounds like a great evening. And I'm so glad it was all pretend :-)


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