How does your garden grow........

May 22 and the blooms are coming !!!

Its hard to believe that last summer after a heavy rain this 20 something foot New Dawn rose was found collapsed on the ground.  The weight of the plant and the rain caused the flimsy trellis we had put  up to break into pieces.  Brian saved the day and the recovery is just wonderful.  Thanks Daddy !!

There are no plant frames tall enough for these massive peonies, you can see me running out in my jammies in the morning after a heavy rain to shake their big blooms so the branches won't break.
Oh the things we do for love.
 I would love to make the front door different, I would love to make it look like a big smile, wouldn't that  be the best !

Soon the rugosas will be blooming and scenting the entire house through out the summer.

I love my Hazel 

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