Spring = Hope

      I have been a gardener now for over 25 years.  When I think back to my humble beginnings, I laugh to myself, oh how little I knew, but what fun I had !!  I have had three different gardens in my lifetime, the last two were left behind in a move to a new home.  There was a certain level of separation anxiety, a sadness of leaving old friends behind.   Luckily, some of the flowers came with me as small snippets of their ancestors, these plants have a very special place in my heart.  These are plants that were blooming in my garden when my children were wiggling loose teeth, learning how to ride a bike, and posing for pictures for the senior prom.  
     My present garden is my master piece, this will be a very difficult garden to leave behind.  As my husband said the day we first planted this garden, "they're like our children now"  boy did he say a mouth full.


  New beginnings !!  There is so much hope when looking at a garden in spring.  It is difficult to believe that come July you will not be able to see the garden bed !  Oh and the rocks, my sweeties collection to help the water drain from the downspout.

There is a small bit of color at Dragonfly Hill right now, but soon enough we will be rolling in blooms.  
Here are two of our newest adopted children.

The greatest gift that has come to me from being a gardener is the gift of patience.  Great gardens grow in terms of years not seasons, one needs vision, and a heavy dose of patience.

This is my latest creation, now I have my herbs right outside my kitchen door and the pesky vermin won't be able to get at them (she said with fingers crossed).

Happy Spring !!!

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