She is in there...................

For sometime now, I have had the immense pleasure of watching my sister enjoy her grandchildren.   From what I am observing,  there is most certainly an ease with grandchildren, not like the harried, busy often frantic pace at which our own babies seem to be raised.  

I am not at all surprised with my sisters amazing, fully active role as "Gammy" I knew she would be brilliant.     My sister is devouring every delicious moment she can spare with her grandchildren.


As she grows her personality reveals itself.   Eager to please, friendly, and kind beyond description.  
I watch her in the world, when I am fortunate enough, she is certain of her likes and dislikes, a strong will that will come in handy later in life.

I watch too, for Kathy................. I see it.  She is in there.  Her kind heart, I know that kind heart, I grew up next to it.  Her love of movement, running, the shear joy of being active in the world, she is in there.

Oh the joys that lay ahead....................keep up the great work Kathy, I love you.

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