Let me just dust this blog off…………………….Ok thats done.

The "holiday season" is upon us, or should I say thrust upon us again.  It is unnatural to be seeing Christmas images before Thanksgiving or as least thats the way it feels to me.  I have been mourning that lately,  an emotion I can't seem to shake.  Where has the Christmas of my childhood gone ?   A kinder more gentler Christmas, the days before "black Friday" and midnight madness sales, when the mere idea of anyone working on Thanksgiving so others could shop for Christmas gifts was unimaginable.
I have found as the years pass the anticipation  built by the world of commerce has been more and more "in your face" than I can ever remember. 
 I shop locally, I put thought into the gifts I give, and when possible I hand make them.  Personally I cherish a handmade gift far more than one purchased in a store.  There are so many options other than supporting companies that do not manufacture goods in the US and ultimately pay a 10 year old 5 cents a day to work 16 hours in inhumane conditions.  I ask you this year to stop and think before you buy that gift, where does it come from, does the person I am buying it for really need it ?  

A few suggestions for you  to consider this year……………..

 Give a gift to a charity in a persons name,   tax deductable !!! and most places will send you a card to give as a gift.  This is humanitarian, concious, and green all at the same time.

Make a Wish

Heifer International

Operation Smile

Feeding America

New Borns in Need


The Conservation Fund

National Park Sevice

Don't underestimate the value of your time, tha value of human interaction, a touch, a hug, or perhaps time spent with someone that does not have the luxury of many friends.  Stacks of old magazines are a god send to those in a nursing home.

Hand made ?  no problem.  Can you sew ??    Last year I made cloth grocery bags for all my family members, these totes went over very well.  Check out DIY on


 this website has endless ideas for handmade Christmas gifts, you cannot help but find something you can make with your own hands.  
I recently saw a wonderful idea for a Blessing Bag.  Its a ziplock bag filled with hand wipes, small snacks ie cheese and crackers, jello, granola bars, perhaps a tooth brush, small tooth paste, a small bar of soap, tylenol, bandaids maybe some bacitracin ointment………………….. you get the idea ?  You keep these in your car and when you see a person on the street with a sign soliciting money, you give them this bag.  Many people are reluctant to give cash because they have no idea what it will be spent on.
I hope this has raised some conciousness, I hope this helps you all find the Christmas of your childhood, like I always say………………….Less is More.

I wish you all peace and joy.


  1. Sweet Anna,
    I was delighted to see that you'd dusted off the blog and was not at all surprised to find that your thoughts and writing are as beautiful and compelling as ever. I share your aversion to the buy-buy-buy mentality of Christmas and do all I can to stay away from the commercialism. That generally entails not watching much TV, staying away from malls, shopping local, and reminding myself and my family of the true meaning of Christmas. We celebrate Advent with candles and wreath, put lights in the windows starting on the first Sunday of Advent, and have at least two Advent calendars taped to the kitchen wall.

    I'm knitting more gifts this year -- only 2 so far but perhaps I'll get a couple more done.

    Sending you a big cyber-hug, MA


  2. *blushing* I am sorry that I did not mention the spiritual aspect of this holiday……………it is the reason is it not ??? MaryAnn, I remember Fr. Gower bringing our advent wreath and candles to our house !!! Do you remember him ?? Remember the days when priests made visits to the home, or even came for dinner ??? Oh (sigh) I am so nostalgic these days. I am wishing your lovely family, joyous memories and loads of love in the coming months.


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