Concert at The Mozart Haus

If you are making a trip to Vienna one thing you must not miss is of course a concert featuring some of Mozart's music.  After all Vienna was his home, and is filled with some of the worlds most talented musicians.  There are endless possibilities for concerts in Vienna, you will be inundated on the streets  by baroque costumed, wig wearing ticket pushers.  It can be very hard to decide just which would be the best option.  Well here's a tip.   If you are looking for intimate, authentic, Mozart adjacent,  and uber talented, the Sala Terrena at the Mozarthaus is the perfect place.

In the 1780's Mozart lived in this building briefly at the age of 25 and performed  for the Viennese aristocracy in this very salon.  Intimate does not even begin to describe the feel of this venue, the capacity reads 80 but the night that we attended there could not  have been more than 50 people in attendance.   The walls are decorated with beautifully designed fresco's, which show rich ornamentation and scenes of mythology.   The scene evokes Baroque concerts of old, you can almost see Mozart himself entering the room.

I know I mentioned intimate, but I challenge you to find a concert setting where you are closer to the performers than you are in this room.  We enjoyed the sounds of Mozart, Schubert and Hayden  over a two hour period played by some of the most talented musicians I have ever seen.  There was a 30 minute intermission where wine and champagne was available with some lovely Viennese pastries.

My suggestion is as soon as you know you will be in this amazing city BOOK a ticket for this concert !  If you are looking for a true Viennese experience and you are fond of Mozart, this place has all that and more.   Ticket prices start at 49 euros, money well spent on a magical evening.


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