The Imperial Hotel Vienna

Once in every ones lifetime, for those who seek it,  there must be the chance to experience luxury, refinement and what its like to live on "the other side."  I can say that I have achieved that in my life time at a somewhat youngish age.  The bar has been set at a very high level when it comes to comfort, elegance, and impeccable service.  I speak of our stay at the Hotel  Imperial in Vienna.  A marble palace really, built as a residence in 1863 for Prince Wurttemberg, that can boast of patrons  ranging from Queen Elizabeth and Luciano Pavarotti and, during our stay, US Secretary of State Kerry and a few Iranian diplomats.  Oh, and remember the famous baby dangling incident, Micheal Jackson, yup that was the Hotel Imperial.

The location on the famous Ringstrasse allows easy access to the tram system but a  10 minute stroll in any direction will find you at most of the highlights of this beautiful city.  The Wiener Staatsoper ( Vienna Opera House) is a 5 minute walk away, not to mention the famous shopping row of Karntner Strasse.

I will admit it took a few days for both of us to acclimatize to the  sumptuous surroundings, but once we hit our stride it was truly like living in a dream world.  Each morning a typical Viennese breakfast in the cafe complete with warmed milk for our amazing coffee, and a drink before retiring in the luxurious lounge in the evening where we enjoyed the company of Franz the bar tender.  We truly  enjoyed our stay at this 5 star luxury dream palace and plan to return again someday.  The ease and seamlessness of the services in this hotel were unparalleled.  I can honestly say this hotel is at the top of my best hotel stays ever list.  

Auf Wiedersehen Dahling

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