This one is for you Mary Ann

This one is for my fiber fiend friend in Newton Mass.

I am currently working on three projects, a pair of socks, a cardigan and a new baby blanket.  The baby is due in the spring so I have plenty of time there and the others are more therapy then on a schedule.

First are my latest socks, this time for me !!  Yipeee.  I am sure you quickly spotted the mismatched dye lot.................I confess now to you Mary Ann that I sometimes buy yarn without a purpose in mind.  I cannot help myself, the colors the textures, I have very little self control when it comes to yarn.  This yarn is Aslan Trends Santa Fe 85 % Merino 15 % Wool, very soft and stretchy and machine wash and dry flat. I visited a lovely yarn shop just off of Abehcorn St. in Savannah Georgia and fell in love with the color.  I later found the yarn to finish the pair on line at Webs.
  I will wear these socks regardless of the mismatch and do penance every time I look at them, they will remind me that from now to eternity to only buy yarn when I have picked the project.

Next.     A boxy cardigan for.......I'm not sure yet, what size are you ????  This was a purchase at the MOFGA Common Ground Fair.  Nancy is a fascinating woman to spend time talking with, you would love this fair Mary Ann the last weekend of Sept. in Unity Maine.  

Don't you want her life !!!

Last.     This is a baby blanket knit on circular needles, wash and dry merino from Knit, very affordable.  This is a repeat of the famous blanket that never reached Australia.  The pattern is at just search wildstripes baby blanket.

Thanks for the inquiry Mary Ann keep on clicking !!!


  1. I'm honored! I've never had a blog post targeted just for me before :-)

    What a treat to see what you're making. Love the socks, even with mismatched dye lots. Really, who's going to notice the difference (except you)? Your feet are rarely right next to each other and anyone who's THAT close is someone who loves you and wouldn't utter a criticism. I'm still surprised at how much I've enjoyed making socks.

    The cardigan is scrumptiously blue! I would love to go the Common Ground Fair sometime. I know I said that last year and didn't go this year, but hope springs eternal.

    The baby blanket will be beautiful, I'm sure. I loved the first one you made -- even have the pattern somewhere. Why did it never reach Australia? Wherever it is, I hope it's lovingly encircling a baby.

    I've just finished a hat that I'm going to give to my niece as a 16th b'day gift. And have just cast on a big circular scarf, which I'll give to my daughter Hannah for her 18th birthday in early December. Since it's November, I've got to get started on some gift knitting.

    sending a big hug your way and looking forward to the day I can deliver one personally!

  2. Thanks Mary Ann, 18 years old !! that is such a launching point in ones life, I am sure she is headed for amazing things.
    Chat with you soon


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