A Christmas Party

       There are people in our lives that no matter where they are, no matter where they have been, the time spent apart is unspoken.   There are some people that hold your memories from childhood as you hold theirs, in safe keeping, without judgement, just memories.  I count Drew as one of those people.  I am very pleased that we have reconnected and I have found him in such a wonderful place.  A successful career, married to his very best friend, he also has a warm and loving relationship with his family, not the easiest of things to do for any of us !     This man's journey is a spectacular tale, a tale of pain, struggle, perseverance, and triumph.  In addition to Andrew's busy life he also found the time to chronicle his battle with obesity in a book titled  "One Foot In Front Of the Other"  a man's journey away from obesity.  You can find this book @ www.Xlibris.com author Andrew Leon LeClair.  A very inspiring read about taking control and responsibility for ones own fate, also portions of the proceeds will go to Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Back row left and middle Andrew and I many years ago.

Brian and I had the great pleasure of visiting with Andrew and Rich for a Christmas party at the "Country House" hehe.  The food was off the charts, baked ham and turkey, lobster thermador, Martha Stewart's famous mac and cheese, to mention a few.   All made with the magic of Rich's golden spoon and fabulous kitchen.   The hall's were decked with vintage Christmas decorations circa 1960's, it seems Rich is an avid seeker and finder with an eye for real treasures.


      One of the highlights of my night was the chance to embrace and chat with  Andrew's Mom Marilyn.  This is the dream Mom of my child hood memories, always welcoming  to the raggedy  little girl from next door, so kind and caring.  I was thrilled for the chance to introduce her to my best friend and husband, for her to see that I have found such happiness and peace was a wonderful gift.  We chatted the night away, the conversation flowed like rum on a Pirate ship,  and the memories were thick enough to cut with a knife.  I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy such wonderful company.

     I will count this holiday party as my very favorite ever, a night with my first best friend and my current best friend and the chance to see them interacting.....................priceless.

      So Thank You Andrew and Rich for a magical evening and the chance to have old and new friends become friends.

 Happy Holidays to you both !!  Hugs and kisses !!!

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  1. It sounds and looks like a wonderful time for you all! I love Marilyn, too ... she was always so sweet and hasn't really changed at all since my high school days!
    It's great that you had the opportunity to share a holiday gathering with everyone, Anna :) I'm up here in Oakland with my family for a couple of days but am leaving today to fly back to Florida. I hear you and Brian are going to be in Florida temporarily this winter? I hope we can connect!
    Take care and have a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year!!! xoxo


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