Christmas Tea by the Sea

For the past six years I have invited friends and family to gather at my home on Orr's Island and spend an afternoon knoshing and chatting before the frenzy that is the holiday season truly descends.  The trip to Orr's Island is no easy feat and I always commend those that will venture here for a visit.  We all have such busy lives and the sacred Sunday afternoon is usually reserved for being at home with family and preparing for the coming week, so thanks to those that were present.

The house was dressed from head to toe in Christmas cheer, thanks to my dear husband Brian who has a bit of Christmas elf in his family tree.  Hazel and Josie joined in for the festivities as well , the leavings of a holiday party are just what Llewellyn's love !

I was fortunate enough to count my sister, her grand daughter and my own daughter amongst the guests.

That's Shelby with my dear friend Ellie.

My daughter Lindsey with her two besties enjoying some much needed girl time !

I also shared my day with sisters from another mister, ladies that I have known since grammar school and high school.  It was wonderful to see their smiling faces, to be able to embrace all of them and share some holiday cheer with them.  As women we are all either empty nesters or on the verge of being empty nesters.  This is our time to shine, our chance to selfishly take time for ourselves.  We have all raised our children and set them off into the world and it is a chance for us to remember the girls we once were or, even better, become the woman we have always wanted to be.  I cherished my time with all of them that day and secretly wished for more.

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  1. Wonderful times, Anna! How lovely that you were able to hostess such a gathering in such a relaxed way at a time when most people are rushing around tying up loose ends before the holidays!

    It's lovely having those childhood friends to reminisce with especially as we become empty nesters! Life is grand, n'est pas?


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