The White Barn Inn

Christmas has passed, but the memories remain.  

 It has become a Christmas tradition for Brian and I to travel down the coast to Kennebunkport each year to enjoy a wonderful dinner at the White Barn Inn.   For many years I was, much like Thanksgiving, too busy cooking for a crowd and unable  to really savor the day.   About 10 years ago we found our selves on Christmas day with no pending large dinner to cook and off spring old enough to make their own Christmas.  What to do ???   I had always wanted to eat at this five star wonder and surprise, surprise  they are  open on Christmas day.

The whole affair screams luxury, it really is our Christmas present to ourselves.  From the moment we arrive we are embraced by the whole elegance and 5 star service that is The White Barn Inn. 

 An inn as well, the barn next to the large colonial inn  has been converted into a restaurant where french provincial decor meets the romantic gourmet retreat feeling.   The back side of the barn has been removed to let in ample light and behind the large glass windows each season is celebrated with a tastefully themed display.

Traditional Christmas goose (ala Bob Cratchett, as Brain would say)  is usually his first choice for Christmas dinner.  I have tried several different entrees over the years, but always seem to venture back to Grand Chef Johnathan Cartwrights  wonderful beef wellington.  Now remember its Christmas !  eat what you like and pump up the cardio in the new year.  The wait staff here are experts in their craft and most of them are here from some foreign land honing their skills to work at yet some other Relais & Chateux member restaurant somewhere else on the globe.

This year our visit was made that much more wonderful when the bartender, after hearing we had dined for the last 10 Christmas' at the Inn, asked us if we would like to meet the chef.  Speechless, we followed him into the kitchen, yes IN the kitchen !  What a thrill, shades of a twenty something back stage pass at a rock concert.

The man himself !  Grand Chef Johnathan Cartwright, he shook both our hands *sigh*

Bouche de Noel

Once again the whole White Barn Inn holiday experience delivered joy and then some.   The service was impeccable, the food heavenly, we left filled with the Christmas glow we always gain from a trip to Kennebunkport and the White Barn Inn Restaurant.

Happy New Year everyone !!!!

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